"By completing a food diary and activity log for 7 days, Krzys helped me to better understand my nutritional intake, what I was lacking in terms of vitamins and minerals as well as how I could improve this. He interpreted the report for me, and I was able to understand the micro and macronutrients I was regularly consuming as well as advising me on what I should be eating more of. I highly recommend his service for all nutrition advice."


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I took dietary services from Krzys few months ago and since then I've noticed significant improvement to my overall well being. He checked my current diet and explained how it might affect my health and which nutrients I'm lacking. He also proposed some manageable changes to my diet so that I can live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks to his service I noticed improved mood and better focus as well as having more motivation to look after my health.


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KD Nutrition second to None.

I have personally used KD Nutrition for sports specific nutrition and also for lifestyle nutrition.

Both times KD Nutrition have worked around my needs and maintained clear communication answering any question I had.

With the sport specific plan KD Nutrition tailored a plan specific to me and my goals which worked incredibly well, helping me reach my goals.

Through work I recently have withdrawn from sports as my growing business needs more of my focus and time. I was concerned that my weight and health was becoming effected due to eating a lot of convenience foods as my time is consumed by business matters.

I contacted KD Nutrition and explained my current situation, once again KD Nutrition have provided a successful plan working around me and my cultural dietary choices.

In short I have consistently received excellent service, communication and  nutritional advice along with a solid, realistic and achievable long term diet plan.

Thank you.